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Welcome to my D&D homebrew campaigns of Quenthall, being played by first time players for about 9 months now. We are currently on part 2 of the campaign where the party will be going through ALL 9 LEVELS of UNDERMOUNTAIN!!

To read the first part of the campaign to see how everything led up to now, check out Dragonspear and Other Unfortunate Events. I am currently playing catch up but it will be finished soon enough.

Quenthall is a land looked over by four Gods (Good, Neutral, Evil, and Nature) and magic has only been around for 400 years. For 100 years previous thanks to Vraaknaar the Evil God, creatures and beasts of the world were gifted with magic, allowing them to slaughter all but a small percentage of the population, what is famously remembered as the 100 Year Genocide.

The threat has returned due to radical followers, who have been planting seeds in politics, sending Quenthall to the brink of a civil war, and it is up to our heroes to stop these radicals before it becomes out of their control.

Follow us through the epic battles, gut wrenching laughs, crazy strategies and sometimes extremely awkward moments.

Fairly soon the stories will be followed up with podcasts so you can listen in on every detail.

Home Page

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